Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Hearty Welcome

Hello, hello!

Welcome to the start of a grand adventure! The very essence of a journey through photography with your hosts Anthony Gross and Chelse Ivonne! =P

This is Chelse Ivonne reporting today! On a serious note...

AAaaahh! We're starting a photography business! I'm so excited and nervous that my heart jumps out of my chest every spare moment. Life is so busy with work (current day job) and play-work (getting the photography business up and running) that I would hardly have a second to breathe or enjoy this beautiful La Nina weather we're having! (Eighty degree weather... in January!)

Luckily, my boyo (the love of my life, a.k.a. Anthony Gross) takes me for trips outside in the sunshine. Even if it's just a bicycle ride to the bank. =}

Thus far, we've created our website (well, I have), designed our business cards, gotten together with friends to shoot, just booked a shoot with a make-up artist, photoshopped until we dropped (mainly Anthony) and have started to put our names out there.

So hello! Here we are! Give her a ring and we'll give you great images! ;P (da-dun-chaa! Get it? Because we take wedding photos and... and...)

And now, some current work:

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