Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lavender Fields: Dreaming

To those of you who know me, you've probably heard the term "retirement goal" escape my lips followed very closely by the words "Bed and Breakfast". Already, doesn't that sound wonderful?

It's always been a dream of mine, since I was about 13 and stayed in this lovely, endearing Bed and Breakfast in Arcadia, Michigan called 'The Grey Hare'. Since my stay, I've never found a website or link to it and have absolutely no idea how my dad found this remote little B&B in the perfect slice of heaven. Lush greenery surrounded this grey stone building. The library must have been 20 feet high and shelved with books galore, a luscious fireplace and an overstuffed chair or two. There was a lake near by, though I never went near it as it was fairly chilly, but there was a lovely garden and rows and rows of grape vines. 

While at some point, I had grape vines intertwined in my dream B&B, it quickly became a field of lavender and has yet to budge. Roses surround the similar grey stone structure and there is a large weeping willow standing near the driveway. Oh yes, it's detailed.

In this dream, I run the B&B with the help of my handy Boyo. I make a breakfast fit for royalty, as that's what my guests will be to me, and tend my gardens the rest of the day. Oh, and the bees. =] I long to be a bee keeper. Funnily enough, the only insect I don't mind a bit. They are enchanting creatures and their lives filled with such purpose! This is, now, after we reckon we can no longer sling the camera gear around and our bones are too weary for distant travel. Could never be idle, even in my imaginary old age. =}

Imagine my genuine surprise when a co-worker informed me of the Key Creek Lavender Farm just a bit north of Escondido. I imagined it surrounded by lush greenery, hidden deep in the valley, but alas, in the bleak desert, surrounded by farmers growing avocados and oranges, herding cows, the land is not so apparently lush, but like a hidden gem, it rests there. 

Boyo and I went and enjoyed a warm sun-burned afternoon just as the farm was closing for the day. We walked through rows and rows of various strains of lavender and scented our clothes with their delicacies. We also stopped into the gift store to purchase some lavender honey and lavender jelly. The honey is kept by a local keeper whom, should they need an apprentice *cough!* =} One can only hope. 

This Saturday is their "Flowers and Music Festival" and they will be harvesting the remaining bunches of their crops soon, so if you'd never a chance before, now is your time! They harvest in July! Or, go to their website and get admission tickets and join us there on Saturday 4pm-10pm! Keys Creek Lavender Farm- Clicky Click!!

 Come and be Merry. =]

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Marshall & Melodie Redux

Hey all!

Friends and family really are what this life boils down to.  It might not be obvious, especially if you're a fairly independent entity as some of you are, but really, even those stoic types have to admit that some of the best times they've had on this earth are with others.

Marshall and I have been good friends for time untold.  Lots of miles on the road together chasing epic light and trains, lots of photos taken, and lots of learning something or other, especially how to be a better friend and human being.

He's been off exploring life and northern California for some time now, but he made his way back to San Diego and brought his beautiful girlfriend, Melodie, for some wonderfully tourist-y sightseeing.  I'd be upset at her for stealing him away from San Diego, but she is a great person and her family even played host to Chelse and myself when we headed up for Marshall's graduation from police academy, and I *will* wait patiently for her dad's guitar amplifier cabinets to be back on the market.

We caught up with them for a great dinner and were fortunate enough to get some time in the always wonderful Balboa Park with them as our subjects before chowing down.

Thanks to you, Marshall, for being a great friend, a great guy, and chasing those NorCal dreams.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Marshall & Melodie

L'amour se plaît un peu dans le dérèglement. - Regnard

Love is fond of spontaneity.- Regnard.

Good friends and hearts of gold in them both! The session was filled with laughter; regaling of old memories and wishes. It's such a shame they should live so far away.

The session started off with an attempt to meet at my favorite coffee shop Caffe Calabria which, alas, closed before we made it. We ended up meeting up the street at Claire de Lune and grabbing something warm and delicious there. We then meandered around Balboa park and managed to snap a few shots in between the cracks and stories before trying to grab some grub at Blind Lady Ale House, which was also closed. =P

Finally, we wandered over to Pizza and Wine on Park Blvd., and ate fantastic pizza and continued to discuss futures and planned camping trips.

Long story short: Fun times, wonderful people. Next time, check to make sure the meeting place is open before hand. =]

Chelsé Ivonné

P.s! Please, click on the images to view them larger. =]