Thursday, November 15, 2012

Working in the background.

Hello Lovelies =]

You must be wondering what is becoming of us as this hasn't been as flowing as it should be. Well, we have been working on the backside and not just our bottoms! =P

Laying out our layouts, attending photography seminars, and just connecting with some fantastic people as of late!

A few weeks ago, my best friend was married in Palo Mesa and it was a perfect night! We weren't the photographers as you can't shoot and be a bridesmaid at the same time! Truly, what an honor to be able to stand by my friend's side and see her beaming with pride and joy. =}

We had a few... hitches, along the way, but in the end, everything was beautiful and you couldn't have asked for a better time! One of our images from their engagement session was framed and set up for signing!

Voir l'amour indeed! <3

Love you Maz & Romey! Thank you for being such wonderful people and for sharing so many happy moments.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mandy and Scott's Wedding!

Dream Beach Weddings and Voir L'amour Photography collaborated together on the stunning Mandy and dashing Scott's wedding this past weekend! Can anyone believe someone told this gorgeous bride she wasn't photogenic?! She is absolutely stunning!!

Her bridesmaids were her flower girls, who also were her two beautiful daughters.  Featured in purple and pink butterfly-esque dresses.  The best man? Their charming son!

Mandy was so nervous before she made her walk, she was all smiles and giggles! She and the girls regaled stories of his surprise Valentine's Day gift for her, which was recorded live on the television due to his work in the industry. 

A good time was had by all at their beach wedding, with the Hotel Del Coronado gracing the background and clear gentle waters behind them. A more perfect day couldn't have been asked for!  Big thanks to Aline at Dream Beach Wedding in San Diego, and of course, to the couple for letting us make photographs of your beautiful day together.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The N

Hello Lovelies.

I'm not sure if I've introduced you to my little love, but this is my car. It's a 1972 Honda AN600; two cylinder and a whole lot of cuteness. Top speed of 55mph, unless you're going down a giant hill, then it's about 75mph. =P It averages about 40mpg and, is a bit of a project, but it's adorable!! <3

Anthony and I sort of look like giants emerging from this itty bitty bit vehicle, but it's so fun to drive it around. We're trying to find a sticker that says "Respect Your Elders" for the back window. Te-he-he! For those of you who don't know, this is the first car that was imported to the US by Honda. Well, the N360 was, but it wasn't actually sold in the US. The car companies sort of nudged them to make something bigger that they'd actually be able to sell on the great open roads of America. The second car imported by Honda was one you may recognize, at least, it has a more recognizable name because there were dozens produced after it with the same name/lettering. The CVCC, later to become- The Civic! *Gasp!*

Why do I drive this adorably awesome car? Because that, my friends, is history on wheels...

And it's the cutest car I've ever seen! Acquired in March of 2012 from a private seller in Huntington Beach.

Anthony and I rode up on my moto to pick it up and drive it back here to San Diego, and that was probably the furthest that car had ever gone *sarcasm* *Sarcasm!* The ride was terrible! It was loud and shook uncontrollably, the heater worked, but the lights didn't about half way through the trip. We sat on the side of the road without my motorcycle tool kit and managed to grab a tree light and point it into the engine bay, hoping to spot the trouble and head home.

No such luck! We had to leave her the first night in some random neighborhood. It felt like I had achieved by dreams and then abandoned them. TT.TT

We did manage to get home with what we affectionately call "The N", and have been doing minor maintenance to her since. Oil change, spark plugs, about to replace tubing and do a carb rebuild. Small stuff, you see, and I'm slowly learning mechanics with it. My family has never been much for fixing things, but by grandpa can build you a bedroom set! Anthony is so freakishly tech savvy it's amazing.

And he enjoys it.

So! Here we are! It seems like more of a project car for him than for me, because he's essentially doing the work, sometimes twice over showing me how to do things and me screwing it up, but hey!

That's AMORE-EH! <3  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Oldest Camera (and a deal!)

It's not about the camera.  Anybody who takes pictures for a living knows, and will usually tell you that right off the bat.

Sure, the newest rig on the block has all the bells and whistles (probably more than one whistle, at this point), but does it make you a better photographer?  More than enough has already been stated on this topic, and I'm not one to try to talk people out of a certain religion, just because it doesn't fit where I currently am in life.

What I will try to talk you into, is simplifying.

This camera above is the oldest one that Chelse and I own.  It shoots 35mm film.  It was built in 1945, and is as relevant today as the newest Canon or Fuji or Nikon.

This post isn't about gear, just like photography as a whole isn't about what camera you use or what lights you have or what your favorite aperture is.

Photography is about communicating an idea, about seeing something and wanting to share it with others, or even just about holding onto whatever it is you are seeing for later.  We at Voir L'Amour Photography, want to see your love, we want to help you communicate that idea to others, we want to hold onto those moments for you.  The world doesn't need more cameras, it needs more moments recorded by them.

That's why we take pictures.  That's why we named our business Voir L'Amour.  See the Love.

For all you blog readers, a limited time deal!  15% off our normal couples/engagement session fee if you book with us by July 10th and mention the "Mercury II" camera seen in this blog post.

Email us at to book now!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lavender Fields: Dreaming

To those of you who know me, you've probably heard the term "retirement goal" escape my lips followed very closely by the words "Bed and Breakfast". Already, doesn't that sound wonderful?

It's always been a dream of mine, since I was about 13 and stayed in this lovely, endearing Bed and Breakfast in Arcadia, Michigan called 'The Grey Hare'. Since my stay, I've never found a website or link to it and have absolutely no idea how my dad found this remote little B&B in the perfect slice of heaven. Lush greenery surrounded this grey stone building. The library must have been 20 feet high and shelved with books galore, a luscious fireplace and an overstuffed chair or two. There was a lake near by, though I never went near it as it was fairly chilly, but there was a lovely garden and rows and rows of grape vines. 

While at some point, I had grape vines intertwined in my dream B&B, it quickly became a field of lavender and has yet to budge. Roses surround the similar grey stone structure and there is a large weeping willow standing near the driveway. Oh yes, it's detailed.

In this dream, I run the B&B with the help of my handy Boyo. I make a breakfast fit for royalty, as that's what my guests will be to me, and tend my gardens the rest of the day. Oh, and the bees. =] I long to be a bee keeper. Funnily enough, the only insect I don't mind a bit. They are enchanting creatures and their lives filled with such purpose! This is, now, after we reckon we can no longer sling the camera gear around and our bones are too weary for distant travel. Could never be idle, even in my imaginary old age. =}

Imagine my genuine surprise when a co-worker informed me of the Key Creek Lavender Farm just a bit north of Escondido. I imagined it surrounded by lush greenery, hidden deep in the valley, but alas, in the bleak desert, surrounded by farmers growing avocados and oranges, herding cows, the land is not so apparently lush, but like a hidden gem, it rests there. 

Boyo and I went and enjoyed a warm sun-burned afternoon just as the farm was closing for the day. We walked through rows and rows of various strains of lavender and scented our clothes with their delicacies. We also stopped into the gift store to purchase some lavender honey and lavender jelly. The honey is kept by a local keeper whom, should they need an apprentice *cough!* =} One can only hope. 

This Saturday is their "Flowers and Music Festival" and they will be harvesting the remaining bunches of their crops soon, so if you'd never a chance before, now is your time! They harvest in July! Or, go to their website and get admission tickets and join us there on Saturday 4pm-10pm! Keys Creek Lavender Farm- Clicky Click!!

 Come and be Merry. =]