Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Lure

Anthony here, coming to you direct from our living room after a delicious dinner of fish and chips.  I'll conveniently forget to mention the green beans that I messed up on...they were very forgettable.

The open road.  Wait, let me correct that: The Open Road.  It's been a constant lure for me ever since I got my first motorcycle (still have it, in fact) way back in 2001.  Travel by car was interesting to me prior to that time, but I always associated it with road trips with the whole family and most of those were directly to my grandparent's houses in north-eastern Iowa.  For the folks that haven't hit that popular tourist destination and driven along the Mississippi, it actually is a fairly interesting drive.  Of course it's not exactly like driving up and down the famous Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) through the gap between Los Angeles and San Francisco, but it's still quite beautiful in it's own way.

Anyway, I have spent a lot of time on the road over the winding course of my life, and I have to admit, I'm proud that I like it.  I sometimes complain and very occasionally get sick of dealing with traffic in the auto or wind blast when I'm on a motorcycle, but I get over it fairly quickly and the blacktop's draw is back.  This song sums it up, or at least hits it pretty close.  I've never drank with grifters in Vienna.

The ever lovely Chelsé made this image at exactly 62mph somewhere north and east of San Diego on a recent two-up motorcycle adventure.  That's my giant dome blocking the right side of the frame.

We're getting back to real sessions with real people, I promise.

Old Camera Day!

We're off of work today and heading to the fair with old cameras in tow.  Haven't shot any film in recent memory, so it should be fun to break out the celluloid and practice guessing at exposure.

Pictures to come!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mundane Mondays and Why This Is Not One!

We've both been hired on at a new 9-5 office job, which starts today!  You might get to thinking, if they are photographers who are trying to build their photography business in one of those most competitive markets in the USA, why are they wasting their time with a 9-5?

A couple reasons, actually.  One, to continue building out our photo gear kit.  We have very good gear right now, but we have run into a bit of a lack of selection as we have been out there.  If camera lenses are to a photographer as a brush is to a painter, we would very much like to have a couple more brushes, and lots of time to practice with them.  This is a minor one, but we feel it's important that we have reliable access to whatever creative supplies we might feel we need.  Hence, the dedicated darkroom in our small living space and the cabinet full of wacky vintage film cameras that we love to put some film through.

Two, better schedules than working in food service or similar industries, which all invariably ask for people to be there during the best times to photograph:  late afternoon/early evening, and weekends.  At this new gig, we will be done by 5 (It's actually an 8:30 to 4:30 once the training is complete) Monday through Friday, and able to run sessions much more reliably and consistently in the after hours.  We're definitely excited about this, not to mention having days off together so we can go on more motorcycle adventures!

Three, continue networking and learning about business.  This is more of a background activity for me (Anthony) but since I'm the one that does most of the behind-the-scenes kind of stuff (numbers, etc) here at Voir L'Amour, I need to continue pushing myself in this regard and learning about how to simplify and streamline our business model to maximize our fun and keep our enthusiasm high about the whole thing.  So far that has been quite easy as we have had great clients (like you!), and haven't hit any real snags.  But, as we expect to continue getting busier, the stress level may rise a bit and I'd like to stay running smoothly.

Lastly and probably most importantly, we will now be less than 3 miles away from our very favorite Indian deli/restaurant, Punjabi Tandoor!  If you're ever in the area, let's get lunch!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Feeling... Old.

Ever have those days when you feel like you don't fit into this time era? That you must have been born in the wrong time? Do you crave manners, sophistication, elegance? True wit and creative public slashes? I do sometimes.

Especially when I watch/read something from the 1930's-1940's. I used to be quite the WWII buff in my day, but I've since let that dull and fade as others didn't share the same level of interest. The inspiration  for this look came from watching "The King's Speech". If you haven't seen this, I highly recommend it!

Beyond that, I'm making Whoopie Cakes for my dairy-free nephew. =P

Disjointed day today, lovelies. <3 Have fun! Happy Papa's Day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Possible new endeavour

It's finally dawned (through a few suggestions from Boyo) that I think about food. A lot. A good time involves going out and trying something that will result in delicious, creamy or chocolatey smiles. There can be an intense complexity of flavors caressing my palate or one simply great one! I imagine mixing flavors and different combinations. A good day in involves either reading or cooking. Baking biscotti or making a dish that took 4 hours!

My new endeavor is (obviously) culinary school. The Savory route is what I'm thinking, but looking forward to the baking classes. Most of you must be noting my pant size. Well not now as it may be increasing! =P

The trick to that is. Once finished. Have One! Then get rid of it/them. Enjoy the satisfaction of your creation and pass it out so everyone can taste your genius. =] Alright, so perhaps I'm spreading it on a bit to thickly (Ka-dun... -cha!), but it may be in my future.

Photography and Boyo will not be sacrificed for it by any means, but I can see having a few in class photographs being posted along with finished products. =P

That's what life about, isn't it. Finding what makes you happy and having it in your life. Having them in your life.

New cafe name! Quick, somebody use this good idea! ;P "Delicious Happiness".

And that's a wrap...


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Music Review #1

Here's a shot of the CDs I bought today at Goodwill - Imperial Beach, and am currently listening to:

New CDs

They are:

<Top left>     BMW Audiophile Demo Disc (New in package)
<Top right>     Imogen Heap - Self Titled (Promo!)
<Bottom Left>     Deutsche Grammophon - Kathleen Battle - New Year's Concert
<Bottom Right>     Alison Krauss - Forget About It

First disc queued up was Alison Krauss, and I really like her voice.  This album's tone is quite somber, and I wasn't really in the mood for that today, but I played it through and it is well recorded, albeit very "modern" and compressed, which isn't to my taste.  Definite keeper and will be listened to again, but not an instant favorite.

Preface to this disc's thoughts:  I'm not especially well versed in classical or orchestral music, but I did have a musical upbringing and played viola, oboe and tenor sax before leaving "school" instruments for the electric guitar, and my shortcomings as a reviewer will surely make themselves known.  The German classical compilation started off with a few tracks of what I consider to be typical Romantic classical stuff, which I find forgettable and better listened to as background music that isn't grabbing your attention.  After track 6, I started recognizing them and getting into it a bit more.  I typically shy away from any mix of orchestra and solo voices, but Fruhlingsstimmen (#9 on this disc) was very nice.  Not the best or most revealing (in details or emotion) recording I've ever heard, but it's clean and quiet and very competent.  Another to listen to again, on a quiet Sunday morning with coffee.

iMogen Heap's 1998 iMegaphone after the classical listed above was a big shock.  It is loud, modern and brash in places.  Huge change, but not necessarily in a bad direction.  I've only heard bits and pieces of her work before, so I'm going into this with only an open mind and a short glass of Harvey's Bristol Cream on ice to accompany the tunes.  I'm finding it a slightly odd mix of poppy 4/4 time signatures with goofy lyrics and electronics over them.  Sort of reminds me of Beck's Odelay in it's eccentricities, although the end result is fairly different.

Lastly, the BMW test disc is really eclectic!  It's a fun listen, and the quality is definitely there.  I found out that it came from the dealer when you pulled a new BMW off the line.  This particular disc is from '01, so it should match up with my Dad's M Roadster, and I don't think he had one with the car.  Three cheers for OEM+ mentality, yes?

On a final note, I'd love to talk music, even generalities, or swap discs or something.  Comment here and let's expand each other's horizons!

We made it!

Finally, after a thousand attempts and years of struggle (ok, it was really just a couple times pulling up their Yelp page and finding that we missed their open hours AGAIN), we made it to an apparently well-known and much-favorited (is that a real life, one that you can really use in real life, or just an "internet real word?" Hmm...) little taco/burrito joint.

I've been called a rookie because I didn't know it existed.  I've been teased for knowing so much else about the city I have called home for the past 5 years, including which is the longest of the piers in the area (it's not the one that is closest to Mexico!!) that I can seem like a born-n-raised-in-SD-lifer, but not knowing about this spot.

So I'll bet you're excited to see some awesome shots of the burrito that Chelse got.  Or a quick-n-dirty Instagram shot of my 5 rolled tacos, all lined up in their delicious order?'re out of luck.  We had exactly zero cameras with us on this adventure.  Gasp.  Double-gasp.

Zero cameras!  Not one hidden in the trunk, not one jamming in a front pocket, nothing.  We could not even take pictures of the super awesome and entirely too filling dessert we had in Coronado along with 50c worth of 78rpm oldies, either.  After stuffing our faces there, and catching up on caffeine with an awesome Breve Latté (an old trick ensuring you'll get something drinkable or better even if the espresso isn't perfection, from my time behind the counter as a barista), we hit the Goodwill before blazing back home.

NO DESSERT PICTURES.  I can't believe I just typed that.

Mini review post to come!  Happy Thursday, everybody!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Headed back home.

That's what my Facebook post was all about yesterday after more than a week away from our apartment and life.

I'm still re-adjusting to the lack of cell phone coverage and the lack of paint fumes, so I'll just post up one of my favorite shots from the trip as the pool at my parent's house was finally warm enough to jump in and stay in for more than the time it takes to get out, but there will be more reflection to come.

Friday, June 3, 2011


You've been gone since Wednesday. Since then, I've worn your t-shirt to fall asleep in at night. I've broken the only Gross Brother's mini cup in the world. I've dined in and watched movies and ate pizza with a Sofie. I've walked the streets of Adams without you by my side and marveled at the simplicity of alone-ness. 

The kitchen was cleaned, work was done, and laundry put away. The days have been long and the nights, restless. The neighbor's music bumping the walls when before it was unheard. Dogs barking and no cat's to call Friend stopped by.
The record has stopped spinning here and Pillows need a Conversation. When you get back, my world will be righted.
I will make you coffee and biscotti, kiss your earlobe, face, neck, and run my fingers through your hair. You will fill my lungs and laugh at my clumsiness as I almost poke your eye or fall off balance and into your knees. 

You'll knock out my legs with a press on my shoulders and have to hold me up slightly. One of these days, I'll jump on your back (, but call me a midget because I'll need a boost). We'll spin until we lose our glasses and fall misshapenly onto the floor.
Our love may be jutting out at odd angles, but it's ours and it's the one I love best.
Miss you, Boyo, but I'll be seeing you soon!
Love, Love love!