Friday, June 17, 2011

Possible new endeavour

It's finally dawned (through a few suggestions from Boyo) that I think about food. A lot. A good time involves going out and trying something that will result in delicious, creamy or chocolatey smiles. There can be an intense complexity of flavors caressing my palate or one simply great one! I imagine mixing flavors and different combinations. A good day in involves either reading or cooking. Baking biscotti or making a dish that took 4 hours!

My new endeavor is (obviously) culinary school. The Savory route is what I'm thinking, but looking forward to the baking classes. Most of you must be noting my pant size. Well not now as it may be increasing! =P

The trick to that is. Once finished. Have One! Then get rid of it/them. Enjoy the satisfaction of your creation and pass it out so everyone can taste your genius. =] Alright, so perhaps I'm spreading it on a bit to thickly (Ka-dun... -cha!), but it may be in my future.

Photography and Boyo will not be sacrificed for it by any means, but I can see having a few in class photographs being posted along with finished products. =P

That's what life about, isn't it. Finding what makes you happy and having it in your life. Having them in your life.

New cafe name! Quick, somebody use this good idea! ;P "Delicious Happiness".

And that's a wrap...