Friday, June 3, 2011


You've been gone since Wednesday. Since then, I've worn your t-shirt to fall asleep in at night. I've broken the only Gross Brother's mini cup in the world. I've dined in and watched movies and ate pizza with a Sofie. I've walked the streets of Adams without you by my side and marveled at the simplicity of alone-ness. 

The kitchen was cleaned, work was done, and laundry put away. The days have been long and the nights, restless. The neighbor's music bumping the walls when before it was unheard. Dogs barking and no cat's to call Friend stopped by.
The record has stopped spinning here and Pillows need a Conversation. When you get back, my world will be righted.
I will make you coffee and biscotti, kiss your earlobe, face, neck, and run my fingers through your hair. You will fill my lungs and laugh at my clumsiness as I almost poke your eye or fall off balance and into your knees. 

You'll knock out my legs with a press on my shoulders and have to hold me up slightly. One of these days, I'll jump on your back (, but call me a midget because I'll need a boost). We'll spin until we lose our glasses and fall misshapenly onto the floor.
Our love may be jutting out at odd angles, but it's ours and it's the one I love best.
Miss you, Boyo, but I'll be seeing you soon!
Love, Love love!