Monday, May 30, 2011

Internal conflicts of a forward dreaming mind

With the teasingly warm days interspersed with these annoyingly cold ones, it's like dating the invisible man. Why won't summer come and put away these winter coats?

Today was a snuggle under the covers and tax your brain kind of day. As you may or may not have noticed, the blog is a lot simpler. The theme has changed and now it actually matches our website, a bit! (And there is a link to it.) The website, meh, is still incomplete as of today, but soon, lovelies, soon it will be complete! Mwahaha-err*cough*erherm...

With all of that working it's magic on my little known coding brain, I've been tossing around the idea of doing a Groupon (or something) to get the ball rolling. Not to say that is isn't already! We're starting to get requests more and more often! I'm excited my the number of inquiries! My hesitation for the Groupon? Well, besides selling 500+ (as another photographer just did yesterday!), I ran one at my restaurant and, well, the people who bought the coupon were 70% Awful! Only 25% ranked Normal and a lousy 5% were Good or Better!

My grading scale must be confusing. For a restaurant? How am I grading them? Level of complaints, difficulty dealing with complaints/person, person trying to wiggle extra coupons out of you and getting angry when you don't give it, tips, listening/attention skills, and finally, personality/kindness levels.

Kind of hesitant? Maybe. I have a lot of friends who buy Groupons or Livingsocials and some are tough characters, but none would be disrespectful. Heck, I buy them, too! I don't know. It sounds like a great way to jumpstart the networking and open up opportunities with people whom we may not have had the chance to meet with otherwise! It's a big deal! (Ka-dun-cha!)

There's a lot to do before then, I know, but gah! Internal conflicts of a forward dreaming mind, indeed! What say you, lovlies? Would you be Game?

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