Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's almost June and it's COLD!

Today in our fair city of San Diego, it's cold.  I don't mean Chicago or Minneapolis in mid-winter just after a white-out blizzard sort of cold, but the kind of cold that only people who have lived in Southern California for a few years can complain about.

We're gearing up for our first photobooth assisting gig tonight.  400+ guests in 6 hours, we're going to have our hands full!  I'm nervous about energy levels and whether I can hold up over that long of a session, but between Chelse and I, and after meeting the couple at their engagement session (so much fun, they are ridiculously cute together), we should be good.  Their guests should be just as much fun as they are, and with the props provided, I guess I needn't worry quite so much.  And now, back to the weather:

You see, it's bright and sunny today and although there are some clouds in the sky, it's 59 degrees.  59 above zero.  That's more than half-way to 100, but it sure doesn't feel it to this guy.  It's a computer day for both of us, and we're in our usual spots pounding away on the keyboards.  Well, I pound with fists clenched, she basically flits across the keys in her usual graceful manner.

Anyway, I open the window shades for some more interior guidance to edit photos by, and I open the window leading to our back yard.  It's windy!  It's cold!  I'm officially a Southern California cold-blooded wuss!  Back in Minnesota, where I didn't exactly finish growing up but finished high school all the same, we would have taken a 59 degree day and RAN with it.  Fishing on the river, swimming at the lake, trimming the ice off the trees in the backyard, doing something outside and being joyful at the radiant sun and warmth.  Well, I'm not in Minnesota anymore, and so I'll gladly soak up some sun today but I won't be diving into the ocean with just my shorts on.  And for that, you should be glad.

A warmer day, not so long ago...

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