Thursday, June 16, 2011

We made it!

Finally, after a thousand attempts and years of struggle (ok, it was really just a couple times pulling up their Yelp page and finding that we missed their open hours AGAIN), we made it to an apparently well-known and much-favorited (is that a real life, one that you can really use in real life, or just an "internet real word?" Hmm...) little taco/burrito joint.

I've been called a rookie because I didn't know it existed.  I've been teased for knowing so much else about the city I have called home for the past 5 years, including which is the longest of the piers in the area (it's not the one that is closest to Mexico!!) that I can seem like a born-n-raised-in-SD-lifer, but not knowing about this spot.

So I'll bet you're excited to see some awesome shots of the burrito that Chelse got.  Or a quick-n-dirty Instagram shot of my 5 rolled tacos, all lined up in their delicious order?'re out of luck.  We had exactly zero cameras with us on this adventure.  Gasp.  Double-gasp.

Zero cameras!  Not one hidden in the trunk, not one jamming in a front pocket, nothing.  We could not even take pictures of the super awesome and entirely too filling dessert we had in Coronado along with 50c worth of 78rpm oldies, either.  After stuffing our faces there, and catching up on caffeine with an awesome Breve Latté (an old trick ensuring you'll get something drinkable or better even if the espresso isn't perfection, from my time behind the counter as a barista), we hit the Goodwill before blazing back home.

NO DESSERT PICTURES.  I can't believe I just typed that.

Mini review post to come!  Happy Thursday, everybody!