Sunday, July 8, 2012

The N

Hello Lovelies.

I'm not sure if I've introduced you to my little love, but this is my car. It's a 1972 Honda AN600; two cylinder and a whole lot of cuteness. Top speed of 55mph, unless you're going down a giant hill, then it's about 75mph. =P It averages about 40mpg and, is a bit of a project, but it's adorable!! <3

Anthony and I sort of look like giants emerging from this itty bitty bit vehicle, but it's so fun to drive it around. We're trying to find a sticker that says "Respect Your Elders" for the back window. Te-he-he! For those of you who don't know, this is the first car that was imported to the US by Honda. Well, the N360 was, but it wasn't actually sold in the US. The car companies sort of nudged them to make something bigger that they'd actually be able to sell on the great open roads of America. The second car imported by Honda was one you may recognize, at least, it has a more recognizable name because there were dozens produced after it with the same name/lettering. The CVCC, later to become- The Civic! *Gasp!*

Why do I drive this adorably awesome car? Because that, my friends, is history on wheels...

And it's the cutest car I've ever seen! Acquired in March of 2012 from a private seller in Huntington Beach.

Anthony and I rode up on my moto to pick it up and drive it back here to San Diego, and that was probably the furthest that car had ever gone *sarcasm* *Sarcasm!* The ride was terrible! It was loud and shook uncontrollably, the heater worked, but the lights didn't about half way through the trip. We sat on the side of the road without my motorcycle tool kit and managed to grab a tree light and point it into the engine bay, hoping to spot the trouble and head home.

No such luck! We had to leave her the first night in some random neighborhood. It felt like I had achieved by dreams and then abandoned them. TT.TT

We did manage to get home with what we affectionately call "The N", and have been doing minor maintenance to her since. Oil change, spark plugs, about to replace tubing and do a carb rebuild. Small stuff, you see, and I'm slowly learning mechanics with it. My family has never been much for fixing things, but by grandpa can build you a bedroom set! Anthony is so freakishly tech savvy it's amazing.

And he enjoys it.

So! Here we are! It seems like more of a project car for him than for me, because he's essentially doing the work, sometimes twice over showing me how to do things and me screwing it up, but hey!

That's AMORE-EH! <3