Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Oldest Camera (and a deal!)

It's not about the camera.  Anybody who takes pictures for a living knows, and will usually tell you that right off the bat.

Sure, the newest rig on the block has all the bells and whistles (probably more than one whistle, at this point), but does it make you a better photographer?  More than enough has already been stated on this topic, and I'm not one to try to talk people out of a certain religion, just because it doesn't fit where I currently am in life.

What I will try to talk you into, is simplifying.

This camera above is the oldest one that Chelse and I own.  It shoots 35mm film.  It was built in 1945, and is as relevant today as the newest Canon or Fuji or Nikon.

This post isn't about gear, just like photography as a whole isn't about what camera you use or what lights you have or what your favorite aperture is.

Photography is about communicating an idea, about seeing something and wanting to share it with others, or even just about holding onto whatever it is you are seeing for later.  We at Voir L'Amour Photography, want to see your love, we want to help you communicate that idea to others, we want to hold onto those moments for you.  The world doesn't need more cameras, it needs more moments recorded by them.

That's why we take pictures.  That's why we named our business Voir L'Amour.  See the Love.

For all you blog readers, a limited time deal!  15% off our normal couples/engagement session fee if you book with us by July 10th and mention the "Mercury II" camera seen in this blog post.

Email us at info@voirlamour.com to book now!