Thursday, November 15, 2012

Working in the background.

Hello Lovelies =]

You must be wondering what is becoming of us as this hasn't been as flowing as it should be. Well, we have been working on the backside and not just our bottoms! =P

Laying out our layouts, attending photography seminars, and just connecting with some fantastic people as of late!

A few weeks ago, my best friend was married in Palo Mesa and it was a perfect night! We weren't the photographers as you can't shoot and be a bridesmaid at the same time! Truly, what an honor to be able to stand by my friend's side and see her beaming with pride and joy. =}

We had a few... hitches, along the way, but in the end, everything was beautiful and you couldn't have asked for a better time! One of our images from their engagement session was framed and set up for signing!

Voir l'amour indeed! <3

Love you Maz & Romey! Thank you for being such wonderful people and for sharing so many happy moments.