Monday, January 31, 2011

My Best Friend

Here she is:

She is truly, truly the definition of "better half" for me, and every day I appreciate her being there.  The little things she does, the little ways she shows me that she is into me.  How she's so comfortable being a completely goofy dork around me is a great reminder of what we've both put into this relationship and how grand the results can be (even if grand means you end up taking more pictures of yourselves making fish faces or really anything that wouldn't ever be sent back to families) when it's a priority for both parties.

Life wasn't meant to be perfect, even if it's something we all strive for.  She makes me want to strive for it more than anything else I've ever had in my life, including all of the nasty high-school teachers and college exams I've ever taken.  She makes me want to be at my best every day when I wake up, and reflect upon how well I did every day before I let myself sleep next to her.  People always say, "I just knew...I can't explain it..." when talking about the one they wanted to spend the rest of their life with, and let me tell you friend, I can't explain it, and I know better than to try.

Today was a very busy day, and I've been up since roughly 2AM, so I'm shutting off my computer and am going to give myself some quiet time to clear my head and hopefully get ready for a full night's sleep.  Tomorrow I am going to scan in some of the images I just got back from Dwayne's Photo Processing on some of the last Kodachrome 64 ever processed.  If there's anything I think you folks might be interested in, I will share it here.

Does overnight bouts of rain make anyone else restless?

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