Thursday, March 3, 2011

Learning, a day at a time.

Anthony here.

Some days, I feel as though I have nothing limiting the amount of To-Dos I can do, not even time.  The ball keeps rolling even if I step away to update my Facebook status or get a laugh from Youtube.  Some days, like yesterday, seem to drag on and on without any actual progress being made.

To change it up a bit, I hang out with my friends and do a bit of low-level networking.  Touching base with folks I've known for quite some time.  It gets my mind off my as-seen-by-me failure of a Wednesday, and puts it right back where it should be: the present and the future.

I will keep trying.  I will keep finding more people to shoot.  I will continue to get better at just connecting with people.  I will remember the progress I have made and not dwell on the fact the business formation hasn't gone exactly to plan.

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