Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy busy Bumblebees

Hello again, kits. =} You'll never begin to imagine the adventures we've been having the past few weeks! Driving up north for mini paint-cations, looking for employment *cough*, oh, and shooting shooting shooting. =]

Within the past few weeks, we've had the honor of shooting the Lovely Linnea and her Charming sister Natalie as they begin their hell week in preparation for Graduation from SDSU! Woot! These two dashing young heroines are ready for adventures beyond the classroom walls and bound to find them! Bright and charismatic, the both, they're sure to be an instant success! =D

And let me tell you, SDSU, for these ladies, you have become water under the bridge. =]

As Linnea would put, "What now, SDSU?" What now indeed =P

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