Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snow Day

Today was a romp through the snow! A mis-adventure of trekking through snow up to my kneecaps in inappropriate clothing. Being 5'10", that's some pretty deep stuff!

Alright, so next time we dare to venture into degrees below 50*F we will bring oh, I don't know. Gloves? Hats? Thicker coats? Shoes that don't let in water to soak our lovely San Diego cotton socks? Yeah. That sounds grand. =]

Otherwise, it was a lovely time! The snow was crisp and white! The pinecones thorny and painful. =[ Be warned! Pinecones buried in snow are not meant to be picked up! =P

I snapped off some images on our new camera! The lovely Holga. <3 Only, taking it out of the trunk of the car, the back slipped off and exposed my film! =[ Boo! Ah well, I wound a frame and headed onward! Shooting to my hearts content until the film sounded like it was being torn apart, signaling the end of the roll. ;]

No snowballs were thrown today, but they were planned. Thought about. Itched to be! In fact, a tree met the misfortune of my snow ball as I hurled it against it's bark after a very sad look from boyo. Today was an off day, but it was beautiful.

It's days like today, when coffee is spilled, french presses are broken, e-mails are received but not from the right people, and sadness peeps it's head around the corner that I have to remember, this empathy, this tangle of emotion, it's not his or mine. It's ours. My off day will influence his, and visa versa.

So what happened?!

Well, dear readers, after an hour and almost losing our fingers (Oh no's!) we opted to cut the adventure short, headed gloomily home. A favorite song of mine by Chris Ayers sings "Sadness is real, but it's scared of the light".

When we got home, I turned on most of the lights, jumped into the kitchen, turned on some music and filled the house with the smells of cooking; ham and beef, vegetables and... vegetables. =]

I danced like an idiot and did everything I could to make boyo smile. Forget for a minute what was bothering him. In truth, he is the beat that keeps me going. Every smile I forget, he remembers. Tonight was my time to return the favor.

"Baby, Darlin'. You're the world to me."

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