Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Spent Away

Anthony here.  I had two very important things to do today.

1. Taxi-man for my better half to her place of gainful employment.
2. Don't blow anything up.

I decided to head to Balboa Park's Botanical Garden, thinking that if I was surrounded by cool green plants and peaceful (read: Quiet!) plants slowly making themselves fat and happy on the recent rains in the area, I would have little ammunition to blow anything up with, and even less desire to do so.  I must know myself pretty well, because I didn't have any urge to do anything more than take pictures.*

(*I don't condone nor endorse any sort of blowing up of anything.  Unless you're talking about giant bubble-wrap.)

So here is what I came back with.  Sorry there aren't more people, it seemed everyone either had little kids along, or were in large family groups and I'm not big on interrupting family time to try and sneak in some headshots or something for my own gain.  Especially since we're in a fairly major and popular tourist destination.  I also don't take pictures of random people unless I get a chance to talk with them first.

So, a successful Sunday for me.  We even got in a good cook session, a birthday party for her aunt, and had a couple nice beers with the dinner we made for the birthday party crew.  Bulgogi, I had a black ale, and she had a red rice ale that definitely had hints of it's shared lineage with sake.  Quite a fine day.

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