Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Deidra Marie Session AND a new computer!

Hey folks out there in make-believe land! This is Chelsé reporting live! From my new Macbook Pro.

(Thus, gracefully explaining the large gap between posts.)

In the meantime! We shot with a lovely little heartthrob named Deidra Marie in her cute vintage-esque clothing and voila! This is the shot! (From me at least)

I absolutely loved the editorial styling of this picture. Once I saw the moment, I knew I had to preserve it. <3>

Deidra was such a doll to work with! Very willing and understanding! This is in fact! At my favorite little gelato place Vero Gelato. She is having the "Nutella" (Hazelnut) Gelato, but I, oh yes. You must and I mean MUST try the Verrochino Frosty with Spumoni. Don't ask! Just tell the clerk at the counter and smile. FOrk over $4.75 for your little cup of heaven (and always, splurge with whipped cream) and take a sip of deliciousness. Mmmmm. =}

Thank you, sweetie, so much for meeting with us and having gelato. =D

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