Monday, March 28, 2011

Worthy Weekend

Some big things have been going on with us at Voir L'Amour Photography!  Last week we had a session that we got to "sit in" on, as second shooters, and we attended a meeting at Kettner Daylight Studio with the Youngrens and Janis Foley as hosts to Gray Photography from Nashville.  We're still needing to work on our attitudes towards just jumping into conversations with new people, so we didn't meet everyone there, but we're definitely getting better as time goes on.

Now onto today:  It's early afternoon on a beautiful late March Monday in San Diego (read: slightly colder than the rest of the year, and mixed clouds in the normally bright blue sky) and I'm in the "studio" AKA our living room.  I've got my trusty camera by my side, and I'm ready to go out on 2 different sessions today.

One is just for me, my personal work of wandering the city and learning about it and about what attracts me to living here in San Diego.  This hasn't really led my photography in any new or unexpected directions, but sometimes I learn something about myself in my meanderings, and some times I just learn to have fun absorbing a space and time and not worrying so much about what I "should" be doing, or how much more fun I could be having somewhere else.

The other is an engagement session that my friend Tina has set up, and I'm fortunate enough to be second-shooter for her.  We've done 3-4 of these style sessions thus far, and I'm really glad to have the experience.  It's definitely one of those situations in life where you might know where you want to go, but you don't know exactly the way to get there, or how much there is to learn along the way.  She has been very inspirational, and hanging out with her and her incredibly driven mindset could not have come at a better time.

Here's a shot from yesterday's session (same situation described above, with myself and Chelse as second-shooters/assistants) with the wonderful couple that hired Tina to shoot their wedding.  Chelse and I are going to be doing the photo-booth at their reception, so check back with us in about a month for some of those photographs (once we can show them, of course!).  These folks were super fun and cute, totally witty and yet classically San Diegan in demeanor.  Lots of fun at La Jolla yesterday!

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