Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Anthony here, back from a long break of not writing.  I've been trying to write here but keep getting pulled away, or prevented from posting what I do write.  All mental blocks, and I'm just writing this now to try and help break out of that rut.


I got a car.

To those who know me, and have known me for a couple of years, this is a really big deal.  I haven't had a car since moving from Visalia to San Diego in 2005.  I was bicycle and motorcycle only, aside from borrowing/begging the help of friends to get me moved from apartment to apartment.

It's strange not having to lug the helmet and jacket and gloves and strange-looking riding boots everywhere.  It's strange not having to think about the weather, even less than I did before.  Growing up in Minnesota and Wisconsin like I did, you tend to disbelieve anyone in San Diego saying that "The weather is going to get worse" because it never, ever does.  A little cloud cover, a little rain, a tiny little thunder and lightning preview is all we ever get here.  Well, we did see a bit of hail two months ago, but you get the picture.

It's a big change for me, and I was anticipating the end result on not only my traffic-evasion habits, and gas-saving techniques and general need to polish and spit-shine all four wheels, but it's a change that reverberates throughout my life.  Pride of ownership, a chance to not only start fresh with a blank canvas, but optimize the vehicle for my particular uses again.  Stuff I have grown used to, and slightly bored with, on the motorcycle I've been lucky enough to ride from show-room floor to race track to every day boring commute and back via the long way home.  I missed the researching and mental exercise of sorting out all of the "good" from the "bad" with regards to modifications and necessary maintenance and general level of paranoia when gauging trust in the vehicle.

So, what's my point with this post?  Well, to update family and friends that I can indeed help YOU all move from this day forward.  To mark a turning point in my life where I'm happy to drive to see friends 2 states over, or cross country if the opportunity should arise.  Maybe I'll see my grandma this summer, for the first time in 3 years.  It's marking change in my life that I want to keep everything, not just the stuff in my life but everything fresh and new and not taken for granted.

Here's a fast/bad "First wash" pict to show you all the new steed:

What are you changing?  What are you appreciating?  How are you keeping life and the "stuff" in it fresh and amazing?

Have a great final week of April, check back with us as I'm posting a new blogpost-a-day for a week and maybe all next month!

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