Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Meredith and Eric's Wedding

Early on, we had the opportunity to shoot a wedding via our friend Ms. Tina from Stephina Photography here in San Diego. She's (as previously mentioned) been a great source of inspiration and push as we wander blindly towards our goals. =]

The lovely Meredith was the Princess of the Day on the most perfect day for a wedding.

The clouds had been tearing in the few days before and slight sprinkles threatened with a chilling wind. The day of was blissfully and unnaturally sunny and spectacular with crystal blue skies and a warm inviting breeze. (The next day, however, it stormed!) Let me tell you, she is picking MY wedding day! =P

The whole family that day was bright, cheerful and entertaining! Her gentle and petite mom surprising me with random comments and her dad, talking enthusiastically, still calls his wife his Bride (After 30+ years of marriage!) That's His Secret, he says, never forget she's your bride.

His son-in-law Eric, seemed likely to follow suit (at least if Meredith had anything to say). Beautiful and strong willed, but easy going and quick to smile, she rocked the day. Eric's humor was contagious as he gave his guests Kazoos and had them kazoo the wedding march for Meredith!

All in all, it was a wonderful day had by all and a beautifully simplistic ceremony. Thank you both for being awesome!

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