Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

What better way to spend Easter than galavanting with good company? Brunch was an absurdly simple, yet delicious affair served with mimosas for the adults and soy milk for the kiddo. =]

*Commence Boasting*

And isn't he just the most adorable tike you've ever seen? He's such a cutie-candy-coated-cherry-chocolate-banana-split... pie! You just want to hug him! Alright, so Tia's have their biases, but don't you agree? This is one good looking family! ;P

The Hunt consisted of at least 50 eggs, some filled with coins and others with jelly beans. You can bet which were his favorite! He would shake the eggs to hear it's contents and then drop them into the appropriate bags (one for the egg shaped eggs and one for baseball/soccer/football/basketball shaped eggs). He would then, upon hearing the jelly beans vs the coins, drop the egg on the floor so it opened! Tell me he isn't one smart cookie!

*Boasting continues*

Not just that! He knows his letters and colors! He can read the colors when you write it on his easel, letter by letter, and then tell you the word! And he's only 2 and a half! He catches on to what you say and tell him, is now potty trained and tells you what ever is on his mind! (Only half of it is audible, but the other half is crystal clear!)

Alright, alright. I'm biased! But I love him. *heart!*

Boyo and I took a work-cation up to Visalia to paint a house for his parents. It turned out to be a lot more work than we expected in the garage and aren't nearly as far along after that week of no computers as we'd hoped.

Brenda's wedding is coming up quickly and we need to be learning faster/more/harder/stronger! Not that we don't know the photography end, but there's more, so much more to it than that. Tina's been a great informant in that regards, but man! Until I've got my hands around it, it's not the same.

We've a few graduation clients coming up these next two weeks, a family shoot, and some portraits. Keep it coming, lovelies!

Hey! Here's an incentive! For every person YOU send to us that we book, (after liking this post on Facebook by using the link below) They get 10% off their session AND You get either a coupon for 20% off your session with us OR a $5 giftcard to Lestats!

What?! I know!

Ready kids?! The race is on!

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