Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Month of Trips!

A day-cation as Anthony and I jumped on my motorcycle and buzzed around to my crazy idea to stop in at this random thrift/estate/junk store that we had stopped in at once before after coming back from a day in Idylwild. I won't name the place because it was an eyesore this time around, but it has the strangest things I've ever seen, like an art deco old school tele sitting in a trailer filled with random other "valuables"!
I was tempted by the tele, but 1) we don't own one for a good reason. 2) It probably doesn't work and would just be a cool piece of art for the house 3) We were already 2-up on the moto and the only way to get it home was to bungee it to my back... Yeeah...

So! On my random half day ride to this place about 3-4 hours away on my motorcycle on our first 2-up trip since the Duc. It was positively lovely to be riding again, even on the back. The only thing I wasn't expecting was the snow we encountered coming back through J
ulian. =\

So, I have this strange fascination with old machines. Not that I can get them to work or want to take them home, but I love taking pictures of them. The idea of them being at the top of
their time is fascinating and I am drawn into the memory of the time era it was se
t as I lightly brush my fingers over the keys, never pressing for fear of disturbing the memory of it. =]It's finally occurred to me. If I only had two words to describe Anthony and I, it would be: Seriously Funny.

And a play on words itself at that! We're humorous is our own very different ways, but we're serious. Serious, Sherlock. Serious. *eyebrow twitches* Alright, so not always, but we're serious about a few different things. Photography, riding bicycles, riding motorcycles, writing and cooking (for me), and having fun! You have to be serious about having fun, you know. =P
Have a fun day today and tomorrow, lovelies.

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