Friday, April 8, 2011

Get on it!

I've always found I worked really well in the school setting because everything is organized. I love the idea of setting up a schedule and following it, but since time always feels so tangible outside of class, it doesn't stick to well. Eat lunch at 12:30pm. Err..?

What I'm doing instead is working on weekly projects. No matter the situation (raining or sunny) I undertake a "task" for the week to shoot and everyday, I'm going to shoot it in various situations. I do need to start shooting more, so! It's a great idea. =]

Currently, Anthony is cooking up a lovely blood orange panna cotta and I'm eager for the results! However, a 4 hour chill time is setting that back a bit =P It's raining now, pretty hard and I can hear some old-timey music drifting in from the other room; a delectable contrast of rich warming trumpets and beats to the chilly patter of rain.

Off topic:

Anxiously, I have been awaiting the workshop with Jasmine Star! Her energy is infectious and she is an inspiration with a loud laugh! There is gold to be had here and surely! There is some in hand already! Thus, the weekly project for myself.

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