Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tart Panna Cotta

Here at the Voir L'Amour house, I usually wake up first.  Those days that I do, I'm on coffee duty.  We usually use aBodum Kenya French Press in our daily routine.  After a fair bit of experimentation (the tastiest kind!) and narrowing down what was actually viable for week-day caffeine capers. On the weekends when we have more time to put into the process, I'll fire up our espresso machine and revel in the tiny little shots of deliciousness.

Coffee, once doled out, inevitably leads to the question of "What is there to eat?" and that's where my darling Chelse comes in. She's an experimenter in the kitchen, and I'm usually signed up for support/clean-up duty. That suits me just fine most mornings.

This all is back-story to my attempts to break out of the norm and do something different when I do cook. It's either straight-laced and boring "American" food like I'm familiar with from going out to eat as a kid in Wisconsin and Minnesota, or it's something fairly exotic as a first try.

Here is my latest first try. Tart, almost bitter, not apologetic. Loved it! It's a bit too much, but I could definitely see myself enjoying the 110% flavor somewhere on the Amalfi coast as the sun sets after a beautiful day. So if I'd like it there, why not here in San Diego?  Blood Orange Panna Cotta.

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