Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just don't call me...


Why hello all you fine young gentlemen and ladies. <3 It has indeed been a while since my knobby fingers typed out errant thoughts to you all, hasn't it? Well, here's another go!

I've been called a lot of things. Some self inflicted, others seemingly random or effortlessly befitting the moment. Names ranging from Eve, CC, Evangeline, Alexandria, Yvonne, Baby, Catch/Catcher, Batter, First base, Keep, Giant, Jolly Green Giant, Midget, McKenzie, Claire, Girlie, Sharkie, Beautiful, Fluffers, Belle, Babydoll.

I answer to them all. It's strange, this concept of a word defining you.

Doing so many different things in my life from being "CC" in theatre, "Eve" in modeling, "Catcher" in softball; being called so many different names, I answer to just about any name aimed in my direction with an inquiring inflection. I began wondering of other's and their names, knicked or given, and the story behind them.

For example. My name is Chelsé. A different spelling, to be sure. It's sort of pronounced Shell-say, but no one ever says it that way anymore. However, the interesting part of the story comes in to play in 3...2...1! My mom named me Chelsé after a character in Legal Eagles. (A movie I've yet to see...)

Funny, isn't it? 

It was a stress inducing turn of events for Boyo and I as we scoured our minds for our photo biz name. It was probably more stressful than naming a child (or so I imagine). Out last resort? AC Photography. Cool, isn't it... (Ka-dun.) That's what we thought, too. (chaaAaA.)

We stumbled into our name on a scavenger hunt of fate.  Sitting in a coffee shop waiting for a photo session to begin, a shirt caught the corner of my eye. Grey and kind of loose around the girl, it was one of those slim, yet overly large t-shirts with the wide necklines. Almost like it had been cut out. It wasn't the shirt that caught my fancy, it was what was written across in beautiful French. Voir la Joie, or See the Joy. Something in me clicked. It felt right, unlike the other ideas we were striving for. 

What we had, what we Saw was a part of joy, but more than that. It was each other, it was photography as a whole (wreaking of fixer and all), it was holding the memory in hand and glancing at it when we needed reassurance in ourselves, it's a major motivational factor in our lives, in our over all happiness. It was Love.

We love our lives, the fact that we're doing this, we're trying to do this! We love that we have the daring to try! Photography, creating and capturing! Every time someone holds one of our images, I truly hope they see the love in them, in the moment, in the capture and artistry, in themselves.

With all of this in mind, we invite you to follow along to "voir l'amour avec nous." See the love with us. Watch as it and we grow.

But just as a warning, yes, we're fun. But we're slightly humorous, especially in our awkward ways and instant urge of initiating you into THE GAME. >]