Tuesday, July 26, 2011

After The Trim

Anthony here.

We miss taking pictures.  We've done a bit of light, record-this-time-so-you-won't-forget sort of picture taking, but we haven't had any real sit-down and dig into the photograph and the process of making a (hopefully) meaningful image with someone.

We miss making images with friends, with family.

I'm going to help celebrate my fantastic Mom's birthday this weekend and you can be sure I'll have my camera along.  The plan is for a mini-stay-cation in Coronado.  You may even see an image of me (fairly rare, if I'm quite honest) after the day is through and the post hits the blog.  Maybe this would be a good time to subscribe, or share with your friends...so you can...you know, all see what I look like.

This paragraph is basically to get from where I was up there ^, to where I will be with the image...down there  \/.

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A: What is in the picture above?   
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