Sunday, July 10, 2011

Been away...

Anthony says:

It's Sunday morning right now, and we're finally back at home after 2 weeks of tons of running around.  We went to Visalia for the July 4th weekend with my parents and didn't touch much beyond a radio for the entire time we were there.  Yes, they still make radios that are simply that...AM/FM radios.  Hard to believe the format has lasted as long as it has...Wikipedia says Christmas eve of 1906!

We also started the new jobs and have settled into a bit of a routine there.  It's with a good company and the people we work with are really helpful to each other and motivated to push forward.  It's been excellent practice being on the phone and I'm grateful for that opportunity.  One of our colleagues is part of a race team that runs the 24 Hours of Lemons with an E30.  I'm hoping to get a big lens rented for a day at the race track to work on my sports photography and reaction time and get some nice images of their car.  I haven't shot anything moving faster than a walking pace lately, so I'm looking forward to honing back in.

We spent yesterday afternoon hanging out with our good friend Cameron Ballensky.  He's super inspirational and funny, I always come away from time spent with him in a great mood and looking forward to seeing his future projects.  His past work is really solid, and he's got great things ahead, whatever he ends up choosing to dominate.

I ran through another roll of traditional B&W film this weekend, and 2 rolls while in Visalia, so the pile is continuing to grow.  Will have to take a day and develop all 12-13 rolls, which reminds me that we need negative sleeve pages for storage.

What was on your radar the first couple weeks of summer?