Saturday, August 20, 2011

Some Days Are Hard

Some days, things just don't go right.  Traffic is worse than normal, coffee just doesn't taste quite right, even your eggs are over-cooked and tough.

Today is not one of those days for me, but I'm still struggling with the photographs I made earlier this week as I sort through them and begin seeing the story of the day peeking through the files.  As my coffee cup empties, my frustration level grows.  I'm not upset at myself, but I wish I was in a different place with my photography.  Not quite happy.

One of my coworkers at my 9-5 made a comment as I left work early on Wednesday, that I'm probably a better photographer than what I give myself credit for.  I may be, but I sure don't feel that side of the equation as often as I feel not quite up to the task.  She's never seen any of my work, aside from what I have tacked up in my cubicle, and that's not at all what I normally shoot.

Check out this blog post by Chase Jarvis, one of my favorite inspiring artists.  Commercial photographer/videographer based out of Seattle, WA and I like the thought processess he puts out there.  He doesn't talk about his gear so much, but he does dig into the mental spaces he is exploring while on set, while wandering the city on "off-time" and while he's awake at 3AM with nothing but his thoughts. He riffs on the Creative Gap in this post.

Unfortunately, I signed a contract for this most recent solo shoot, so I can't even show Chelse the images before they get put into the ad campaign and website.  Hence, you won't be seeing them here.  But, as somewhat of a substitute, here's something entirely unrelated.