Monday, April 2, 2012

Projects a rollin'

Hey Kits and Kittens!

A decision has been made and it lookds like a 52 weeks has begun for both Anthony and myself. Guess what we need? Your face. No, seriously! We're looking to shoot you, and you, and you!

The inspiration came from a 365 project someone else did. The reason I decided to do a 52 weeks was because I intend to put a lot of thought and effort into gaining a single photo, practicing with lighting, and more importantly, storyboarding. Creating a concise idea, down to the design and executing. Bear with me, lovelies, if you're willing to be a part of one of these ideas and not a "normal" shoot, it may get a little strange. How, I'm not too sure yet, but it's a possibility.

Not saying all of them will be this shot of epic proportions, as set by this last week's example, but it will be a shot, none-the-less.

If you see a lot of tee-ball shots in here as well, well. Let's just say I have the world's cutest nephew. =]

There's something about returning to a place you were as a child. The place you spent every summer, spring, and fall. Half saddened to see the change from what your mind has burned into your skull, yet half enchanted as it degrades and falls; it's your secret memory now and no one else can share in the glory of how it once was. 

Yet change isn't always for the better and sometimes, it just a need to move- clear the air if you will. As simple as a change of clothes calling for a better view of a walk today in the bright sunshine. Interesting to see how it changes those around you, the notice it begins to attract.

Completely covered without glitter or lights.

This is one of my favorite outfits, in my favorite part of my house.