Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Excited for the next few days.

We've been getting a good number of hits, thanks to all of you lovelies out there supporting us! =D

I'm excited for a few reasons. The first reason being I'm sewing a dress to do a photoshoot of the N600 and I. Ah, my dream car, the baby Honda <3 I'm also working on getting something for boyo so just know, something is in the mix!

Secondly, creativelive is having a session on fashion photography and incorporating that into your weddings. Can not ever begin to explain my excitement on that note! Not only shooting weddings, but fashion, hopefully with a high fashion flair?! How will she ever pull it off?!

She- being Lindsay Adler, a high fashion commercial photographer. Talk about a dream come true!

Lastly, we've set a goal, a timeline for ourselves. By August, at least 1 of us will be a full-time photographer, if not both. In the mean time, we'll trudge away at our 9-5's and do what we must to break "impossible" and make it reality.

In the mean time:

Live large- and carry on. =]