Monday, April 23, 2012

Shoot today of someone who slips between the pages.

Sibling is a funny word. The idea makes you imply certain values and characteristics to that person. Granted, they're typically formed from the experiences of youth and valid points, but time has a way of changing us, of shaping us- it doesn't allow that image to grow into what it is/who they have become.

I will always see my little brother as the little runt who would run his knobby knees out into the apple ivy in front of our house just to be there, leaving behind a trail of socks, shoes, pants, until he was down to boxers. Must have been a wonderful feeling because it happened a lot.

Personally, I've always been a bit over protective of him. Well, my sister, too, but to a point, she could fend for herself. No, my little brother was my heart, while my sister ran my head (usually into the floor as we wrestled.) Regardless, I bloomed into a tall, intimidating person quite early on and was a silent force to be reckoned with. My sister was the spit fire, smack talking thing she still tends to lean towards today. My brother, on the other hand, was a late bloomer. Always the smallest and scrawniest kid in class and two years behind me in school.

Quiet, angry, serene. Today, he still maintains almost a quiet calm in a loud room that allows him to go relatively unnoticed. I loved him dearly as a kid and to this day, still have the urge to kick any kids butt who says anything ill-towards.

I'm always afraid for him, but I really saw him today taking his picture. He'll be just fine.

Funny thing, taking pictures. You can get so lost in them, that you can start to see the bare basics or the most intimate of details. With my brother, I really saw him. He's a pretty good lookin' kid-er-young man. He's always had the - aw shucks, he's just my brother- glean about him that was hard to see through. Yes, he has eyes. Yes, a nose, too though it's Papi's nose, yes lips and a fine chin. Yes, he could be good looking- but he's my little brother. My baby brother. End.

I must say, my family wears some good genes.

While he's still young and his main hobby is cars and car hunting, followed closely by shoes, he's pretty well put together. He might not like big crowds, but that's cool. I don't really either. It was fun hanging out with him today. Teasing about girlfriends and spotting mustangs, nodding when he talked car talk like I knew what the heck a gtr cvxs or something was/is.

It's cool though. At the end of the day, I'm still his big sister.

And I'll kick your butt to Timbuktu if you even try to say anything bad about him. =]