Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Value yourself and your work...

Because if you don't, no one else will.

Hello Kits and Kittens,

This has been an uplifting and educational week photographically. Not much to show as of this second (i.e. it's on the camera or simply needs to be shot), but I've been learning a lot! Not just learning, but being inspired by.

Watched the CreativeLIVE segment of Don Giannatti and his lighting demonstration. It's only day one, but it's a brillant "here-are-the-basics-to-and-not-to's" of adding light to a subject. This is a pretty large interest of mine as most of the photographs I envision are, well, lit. Perhaps I stumble upon the perfect scene with an unbearably perfect lighting set up, but it's doubtful. Besides, being able to move the light 6 inches makes a world of difference!!

Don has also introduced my eyes to the likes of Arthur ElgortPatrick Demarchelier, the wonders of W Magazine, and other wonderful fashion wonders.

It also led me to the 6 most killing fashion statements ever made, which has now corrupted the beauty of the victorian era as well as other ages, but did make you ponder- The hell?! By this, I truly mean the most deadly fashion statements ever.

That however, is a more depressing story. Not one of brilliant inspiration as the rest of this post is meaning to be!

I've also recently discovered (all of 30 minutes ago!) Sue Bryce of Australia (well, first New Zealand) and her amazing, inspiring, educational blog. To which, one of the things I've learned is the etiquette of blogging. (Who knew?!)

What are some of your fashion inspirations? Who inspires you? What inspires you? How did you find it/come across it?

Please, expand my limited knowledge of the world with some of your wisdom and allow me to understand. =]