Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Amanda and Sarah- For Mom

Had a photoshoot of two lovely senoritas this past week, and let me tell you! They are fireballs when put together!

It must have been something in the air to attract siblings, first my own and then these two. Actually, it was set up with the secret intent to be a mother's day gift, but I won't blow it as it seems her mom is also a friend on facebook and, well, tagging them in the photos sort of ruined the surprise!

But Ah-ha! Never to fear for creative ingenuity if here!

Somewhere. Around...


Anyhow! This sought to remind them and others, that parents enjoy pictures of us kinderlins. Think of it, when is the last time you took a photo with your family? I bet it wasn't your idea, was it? While you might not think of it now, it's certainly not inherent in the minds of those in my age persuasion, a box of photos five, ten years down the road means a lot more than a box of chocolate ever will.

Who knows what will happen during that time. A baby, a move, a gain, a loss. We tend not to think of how important these things are/will be to us.

But Mom's know. Something about having a kid, perhaps, that ingrains this seed of "Capture their lives to be remembered". Perhaps it has to do with the knowledge they earn through time's passage. They watch it elapse, understand the fragility of it.

Yet a picture remains something physical you can hold in your hand. Remember. It's a more vivid version of a memory. It can make you remember, long after the musty smell of hiding in a closet because you'd tried to trim your own bangs and thought triangles made your face look good. (Why else would you cut them into your hair?)

That's great thing about pictures. Unlike smells, unlike textures, it can't be two things, it can't be everywhere. It's one static moment that instills all of the time surrounding it; the meaning and depth behind it.

Mom's know.

So, for you, Mrs. Amanda-and-Sarah's-Mom. Your lovely daughters; as the are today, as you remember them 20 years ago, as they will be remembered 15 years from now.

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